Continuing Education and Community Outreach

Course Schedule by Program

Awareness Through the Body
( available)
Awareness Through the Body (ATB) is a series of sequential activities designed to help children and adults become more aware of their own strengths, perceptions and emotions. Awareness Through the Body synthesizes exercises from yoga, martial arts, dance, and mindfulness approaches to raise self-awareness and self-confidence in the mind, body and the emotions. The activities can be quiet or lively, simple or complicated, profound or just plain fun.
Conferences and Events
( available)
Continuing Ed & Community Outreach offers a variety of learning opportunities in different formats. Here you will find one-day workshops, conferences, institutes and miscellaneous events.
Optional Graduate Credit
( available)
Many of our CE Professional Development courses and institutes are adequately rigorous for graduate level credits. Individual needs in PD vary by employers and licensing. We offer 'professional development contact hours' and CEUs for the cost of the program. The courses and events in this section qualify for graduate level credit. There is an additional registration fee of $350 for this option. These credits can be transferred to other institutions and appear on an official transcript.
Professional Development
( available)
Many professional careers require continuing eduction to maintain credentials and licensure. Here you will find the current opportunities available for teachers, psychologists and other professionals.
Waldorf Administration Leadership Series
( available)
Waldorf schools are self administered, which means that most decisions are made on site by faculty, staff and trustees. Yet site based management also presents significant challenges. Sometimes faculty members are selected to leadership roles based on their pedagogical expertise and the confidence of their colleagues but without necessary skills in communication, group dynamics, facilitation, conflict resolution etc. Likewise, a school often hires administrative personnel with expertise in finances, development, admissions, marketing etc who have the needed skill sets but do not have a background in Waldorf education or the philosophy, Anthroposophy, that guides decision making in a Waldorf school. There is a need for greater role clarity so groups, committees and individuals work collaboratively rather than at cross purposes.